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The L.A. Acting Intensive


Super Acting Package:
(5) Weeks (10) Classes

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Only $409!!!
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Product Description

7/12 – Day 1: 

Intro: John offers a group greeting and sets the tone for our Journey

Script Secrets of the A-list Actor: We start with this is a powerful look at the blue-print and bones of the play. You will be introduced to the “Actable-Phrase” technique John has been teaching for 14 years in New York City. We cover: The Author’s Intention. Tone and Style. Problem and Climax. The Question of the Play. The Resolution of the Play. The Relationships and Intentions of the Character’s, and the Super Objective. If you want to put food on your table, the bottom line is you need excellent script skills. The Play: The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman

Lastly: We Assign Scene Study Partners

7/16 – Day 2: 

Scene Study: This is John’s Power zone as a master class acting teacher and private coach. Here you will receive tons and tons of new information and innovative techniques that will absolutely elevate your acting game. This class brings the actor directly in touch with the master writers of contemporary and classical theatre. Here we lift the big weights so that your acting muscles and soul are primed for every acting opportunity that comes your way.

Monologue Mastery: John will introduce you to a simple, and deeply effective way to determine the monologues intent with 100% accuracy.

7/19 – Day 3:

Scene Study Continues:  John’s four-point-perspective as an actor, playwright, direct and producer brings the hungry actor and starving artist straight into the heart of creativity. These are classes that will open you up and shift you significantly.

7/23 – Day 4: 

Scene Study Continues: Here John presses home the importance of authentic confidence and what it takes to breathe life into the circumstances. High stakes storytellers looking to make serious impact.

7/26 – Day 5: 

Scene Study Continues: Mastering the chosen scene

7/30 – Day 6: 

Scene Study Continues & Monologue Mastery: Final Day!

Intro to The Lawlessness of Sides: An introduction to John’s newest audition technique: learn the “catch-phrase, proverb and idiom technique”. Here we focus on making a splash-point at every audition and go for the big win in the room. Let’s create a lasting impression. Isn’t time you were starring in a show? You bet it is! Let’s up the ante.

8/2 – Day 7:

The Lawlessness of Sides: This is where we apply the new techniques learned on Day 6. We will also learn lots about ourselves as actors. It’s truly a show stopper of a class. John’s contagious energy as a teacher is unprecedented.

8/6 – Day 8:

More Lawlessness: Digging deep into audition technique and coming to life!

8/9 – Day 9:

Getting Real Lawless: Digging even deeper into this new technique.

8/13 – Day 10:

You’re an Outlaw: This is our grand finale class. We go for it! Let’s wrap up all those loose ends and go out with A BANG!

The Lounge Theatres
6201 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Starting: 7/12 – Ending: 8/13
Wednesdays & Sundays: (7pm-11pm)
Except Sunday July 23rd (10am-2pm)