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John Dapolito

JOHN DAPOLITO is a New York City based acting teacher, playwright, director and dramaturgy with nearly 40 years of experience. In 2003 he founded the “Acting-Niche” Phenomenon™, a career development platform for professional actors (and other artists) using energy-techniques to market meaningful careers. Always seeking new ways to help, John also went on to develop the “Actable-Phrase” technique - an organic acting technique for developing richly crafted characters.


"I don't just care about your dream,
  I care about your soul's fulfillment."

As an Artist


John last directed two non-commercial productions for Zoom (no easy task) used a highly cinematic interpretation of the zoom lens. The first was the Pulitzer Prize Winning Rabbit Hole by David Lindsey-Abaire, the second I’m Gonna Pray for You So Hard by Halley Peiffer (2020). He most recently directed the hugely successful Shared Screen commercial live-zoom-production of “Tape” by Stephen Belber, which was remounted in January 2021 to critical acclaim. The New York Times called it: “Streaming to Watch.” Other theatre notables: John directed the “Triplete” Production of Neil LaBute’s Romance (2013) in which he consecutively ran the play three times (no intermission) with different outcomes and characters all using the same exact text. Another directing high-light was the American Theatre premiere of Mark Ravenhill’s Ghost Story (2017) with Little Spoon, Big Spoon production company. John has also directed all of his plays. As you can see, John likes to pioneer. 


His plays include: “Ethan & Nico Go to Therapy”, “Augie’s Ring”, and “An Act of Kindness” (both Los Angeles Times Critics Pick), “Killer Midgets”, and “Baptism by Fire”. Baptism was produced and directed by Emmy Award Winner Michael Imperioli (Sopranos, The White Lotus) and starred Nick Sandow (Orange is the New Black) and Vincert Curatola (Sopranos). His screenplay: When Tough Guys Were King (co-authored with Dominik Tiefenthaler) is in talks now.


Robert Nicotra

Robert is an exciting new addition to the niche-universe. One John Dapolito himself is deeply passionate about.
Blending his expertise in coaching and personal development with his fervor for all things acting, Robert and John have decided to join forces. With these two in your corner you are set to significantly elevate your acting success story.

*Producing Credits: Men Without Myth (Off-Off Broadway), Maybe Tomorrow (Independent Feature Film), Let's Kill Grandma This Christmas (Off-Broadway), Party Politics (Short Film), Charles Messina’s “A Room of My Own” (Staged Reading.) As a native New Yorker, Robert seized every opportunity to immerse himself in the rich tapestry of New York City's culture throughout his life. His story is very unique. Perhaps you can relate? Following his graduation from Pace University, he embarked on a remarkable 20 year journey in the finance industry, working with some of the world's largest banks, and thriving. However, in 2007 Robert made a bold and pivotal shift from finance to acting. His first love. It was during this time that he heard about John and his unique approach to acting. Robert then took his second bold step, and under John's guidance his acting, writing, and producing fire was reignited. Robert went on to act in and produce a series of memorable productions. Throughout his successful finance career, Robert found immense satisfaction in nurturing and mentoring young corporate analysts, (a passion that continues to this day.) It’s his unique story that sets him apart from your average coach. He gets it. Along with his passion for the arts, Robert has a life-long passion for self-improvement. His passions led him to the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy and Mastery University, where he honed his amazing coaching skills. Currently, Robert plays a pivotal role at Tony's live events as a Trainer where he helps participants transform their lives and businesses. “Robert is a goal oriented individual, who is highly motivated. He is dedicated to results and always finds a way to get things done through hard work and a positive attitude!” - Charles Messina, Writer/Director- A Room of My Own, The Wanderer “Working with Rob has been a helpful and fun experience. His guidance has empowered me to make positive changes in all areas of my life, from embracing a healthier diet and incorporating mindfulness practices into my daily routine to establishing healthy boundaries for self-care when caring for other people. Rob’s expertise and compassion have been invaluable, and I am deeply grateful for his tips and strategies that I incorporated in my life.” - Ivana E. Business and Technology Executive Leader “Since I first met Robert he has been an enthusiastic, consistent friend. His optimism and work ethic in the face of challenges is inspiring and are necessary ingredients for success in all endeavors. I have no doubt he will help anyone achieve their goals if they are willing to work for them. “ -Eric Schaeffer Writer/Director - If Lucy Fell, Fall, Boy Meets Girl "I’ve worked with Robert Nicotra a few times and I’ve known him for over a decade. In our creative endeavors he's always a fun, smart collaborator and works well with other artists. He’s always been a man of integrity and honor.”- Alfredo Diaz- Actor - Power, Lucky "2024 brought major shifts to my life, both professionally and personally. Navigating these changes felt overwhelming and often daunting. Leading a financially unstable tech company fueled self-doubt about my leadership abilities. I struggled to identify my personal priorities and purpose. With Rob's guidance, I found greater alignment and meaning across different facets of life. He helped me understand where I should focus my energy in each area, recognize where I create value, and most importantly, he helped me develop a vision framework for my future self aligning with my core beliefs and values. " -Brian Lisi - CEO IOIO.TV “Robert is one of those people who naturally accumulates loyal friends, not just because he’s a sincere person, but because he wants the very best for all around him. I can not tell you how many times I’ve sought out his perspective. 10,000? 20,000? Gee, I sound needy don’t I? So why have I gone to him so often? Here’s the truth: The soul seeks sincere guidance and Robert is a natural born coach.” - John Dapolito, Master Class Acting Teacher & Founder of The “Acting-Niche” Phenomenon.

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