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"Working with John calls you to be your best...if you dedicate yourself to learning and growing in his classes and workshops the rewards are rich."

Parisa Fitz-Henley,
"The Sinner" USA, "Luke Cage" Netflix


"John helped me to understand and harness the fire that drives me as an actor…he's the best kept secret in

New York City.”

Ato Essandoh
​"The Diplomat" Netflix, "Blue Bloods" CBS, "Django Unchained", "Blood Diamond"


"John's Acting-Niche work has completely changed my career. I finally have a clear understanding of the roles that are "meant" for me."

Hunter Emery
​"High Town" Starz, "OITNB" Netflix, "Succession" HBO


“In an industry of charlatans,

John is a shaman.”

Ritchie Coster

"The Walking Dead" AMC, ​"True Detective" HBO, "Tulsa King" Paramount+, "The Dark Knight"​

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